Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Legal Research Tip 19: Small Claims Strategies

Welcome to the next issue of the DCLRC E-Newsletter "Legal Research Tips"! You can view back issues of these tips through other posts in this blawg. Enjoy!

If you haven't checked out the legal topics on recently, please do. They provide easy-to-understand explanations of common legal terms and procedures. For example, here is a link to their thorough examination of small claims strategies and commonly asked questions.

For the lay person, Nolo provides useful information with less legal jargon. For the professional, Nolo provides a good place to start on topics that are not so familiar, and not necessarily Wisconsin-specific. Keep in mind that Nolo is a general site, but has some state-specific information as well. Doublecheck with your local law library to make sure the information you read on Nolo is true for your state.