Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Internet Tips 19

Welcome to the next issue of "Internet Tips"! There are three sections to this email: a beginner's tip, an advanced tip, and a useful internet link. Enjoy!

Beginner's Tip: From Inter-Alia blog: Computer Tip of the Day
"You can never have enough keyboard shortcuts, can you?
Here are some shortcuts you might not know about:
Windows Key + E = Open Windows Explorer to My Computer
Windows Key + R = Open the Run dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+Esc = Open Windows Task Manager
Shift+Delete = Delete with using the Recycle Bin
F2 = select a file or a folder, and F2 will let you rename it quickly."

Advanced Tip: Burning CD's
Do you burn a lot of CD's? Then you'll want to check out these tips from

Useful Internet Link: Looking for blogs on your favorite topic? Try Google's new Blog Search at: