Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Resources: Legal Glossaries

There are plenty of glossaries of legal terms out there. Here are a few new and relevant ones that you might find useful:

Glossary for Legal Research Basics
The Glossary is extracted from Fundamentals of Legal Research and Legal Research Illustrated, 8th Edition by Mersky and Dunn, and published by Foundation Press. This glossary was prepared by Fred R. Shapiro of Yale Law School.

Glossary from "Introduction to Legal Materials: A Manual for Non-law Librarians in Wisconsin"
This glosssary is produced by the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin and uses terms as they would apply to Wisconsin law.

Everybody's Legal Glossary
From Nolo.com comes this glossary that explains terms in jargon-free language.

Glossary of Common Legal Terms Used in Dane County Circuit Court
From the Clerk of Court's website, these terms are specifically listed for Dane County litigants.

Glossary from "The Criminal Court Process"
From the Dane County District Attorney's website, these terms are related to the criminal court process (page down for glossary once you're on the web page).

English-Spanish Glossary of Federal Agencies, Officials and Laws
From the US Department of Justice

Glossary of English/Spanish Court Terms