Friday, July 22, 2005

Reminder from COC about Pleadings format

Vicki, court manager in the Clerk of Courts, asks us to please issue a reminder to litigants regarding Dane Co Court Rule 107 regarding the format of case pleadings, especially section 2's format requirement highlighted below:

107: Case Captions
1) Caption
In the initial pleadings (e.g., complaint) the caption shall include the case classification type and code. The title of the action shall include the full names and addresses of all the parties, including persons appearing in a representative capacity (e.g., a guardian of a ward).

All pleadings/papers shall be captioned State of Wisconsin, Dane County Branch ___, Circuit Court. The caption shall include the title of the action, the case number, and a name of document (e.g., answer). Subsequent documents filed after the pleadings should, at a minimum, state the full name of the first party, followed by “et al.”

2) Pleadings
Every pleading, motion or other paper of a party represented by an attorney shall contain the name, state bar number, telephone number, and address of the attorney. A party who is not represented by an attorney shall include on the pleading, motion or other paper his or her name, signature and address.

Papers that do not contain the required information will not be accepted for filing.

If more than one case number is listed on any document, a duplicate signed original must be filed for each additional case number on the document.

Documents exceeding one page in length will not be accepted for filing unless fastened or stapled at the top of the document.