Monday, February 14, 2005

Limited Scope Representation Program

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Limited Scope Representation Program Available

"A three hour unbundling training "Expanding Your Practice by Offering Limited Scope Legal Services: A "Hands On" Family Law Workshop" is now available free of charge as a public service thanks to the generosity of Practising Law Institute. It is posted on the PLI website, This program was taped at the PLI California Center in San Francisco in November 2004, and will be available on the PLI website for one year.

To access the video, visit and type "family law" into the search bar. That will link to a registration page. Registration is free, so when the class is added to the shopping cart, the dollar value will be $0. To access the written materials, visit the California State Bar website at Type "risk management packet" into the search bar. Those materials can be downloaded in pdf form.

Although it addresses a California audience, the program was designed to be a template which can be tailored for other jurisdictions. It focuses on the ethical and practical issues raised by limited scope representation in a family law context. The comprehensive written materials contain court forms, sample fee agreements, checklists, best practices, and client handouts which are very practical in nature, and designed to facilitate attorneys in incorporating these
services safely into their own professional practices. All of the materials, including the script, are available free of charge for adaptation to other jurisdictions.

If you would like to obtain a Word version to facilitate adaptation, email and she will email them to you. If you would like to obtain a Word copy of the script, email Sue Talia at and refer to Unbundling Script in the subject line. Please feel free to share this information with others who may be interested in learning more about limited scope.

The goal of this program is to allow other jurisdictions to benefit from the work which has already been done, and provide templates for materials which have proven useful after several years of practical experience."