Monday, January 24, 2005

Internet Tip 11

Welcome to the next issue of the DCLRC E-Newsletter "Internet Tips"! There are three sections to this email: a beginner's tip, an advanced tip, and a useful internet link. Enjoy!

Beginner's Tip: § Symbol Shortcut
There is an easy way to insert the section symbol (§) into your documents. Regardless of whether you are using Word or WordPerfect, this little trick works. Simply hold down the ALT key and then type the numbers "2" and then "1" in that order using the number pad on the righthand side of your keyboard. (Make sure the number lock key isn't on when you do this or it won't work!)

Advanced Tip: Google Raises Search Term Word Limit
For more information, see the ResearchBuzz article at:

Useful Internet Link: DCLRCBlawg!
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