Thursday, January 13, 2005

Legal Research Tip 9: Voter Resources

These are the back issues of the e-newsletter Legal Research Tips from 2004. Since these tips are a little longer, each back issue will be published separately. Starting in 2005, all issues will be published here and no longer distributed via email.

Legal Research Tip 9: Voter Resources
The season is once again upon us when our thoughts turn to falling leaves, pumpkins, and politicians. Election Day is fast approaching - are you ready to cast your vote November 2nd?

How Do I Vote?
To vote in Wisconsin, you must be registered. However, you may register at your polling place on election day, but be sure to bring proper identification with proof of residence.

For more information, see Wisconsin Vote at
or the City of Madison Election Information at

Voters living in the City of Madison can find out where to vote at .
Dane County residents living outside of Madison should visit

If you know you will be unable to make it to the polls on November 2nd, you may apply for an absentee ballot from your municipal clerk. Information and applications are available at the City of Madison Election Information site

For Whom Can I Vote?
To find out which candidates will be appearing on your ballot this election day, check out the Wisconsin Vote Candidates page at . By entering your address, you can learn to which districts you belong and view a list of candidates for each race.

For Whom Should I Vote?
There are many web sites which contain information on the candidates. Below are several sites which claim to provide non-partisan information:

C-SPAN Campaign 2000 at contains a wealth of information on national and state races including video footage.

CNN Inside Politics at provides several resources and opinions about the election and candidates.

Madison City Channel Know Your Candidate has plenty of information about the local candidates running for election.

League of Women Voters: Dane County "Candidates' Answers" provides information and responses to questions posed to each candidate as well as voter information.