Thursday, January 13, 2005

Internet Tips 1-10: Useful Internet Links

These links were part of the issues of the Internet Tips e-newsletter in 2004.

Useful Internet Link:
Think you know how to search Google? This site will help you refine searches and complete more advanced searches so that you can find what you're looking for using Google.

Useful Internet Link: Wisconsin State Law Library
I'm sure many of you are aware of the numerous legal resources that can be found on our home page, but in case you're not, here's the link. If you are engaged in active legal research, I suggest making this page your home page (Go to "Tools" then "Options" and under the "General" tab there is a place to change your home page) or bookmark it (Go to "Favorites" and click "Add to Favorites...").

Useful Internet Link: WI County Identifier
If you need to find out what county (or counties) a certain Wisconsin city, village, town or unincorporated place is in, this helpful DHFS Vital Records Office list might help.
[Thanks to Connie V. at the WI State Law Library for passing this one on to us!]

Useful Internet Link: State of WI Dept. of Health & Family Services Consumer Guides
These are useful fact sheets that cover health care and health and safety issues. The page is kept up to date to offer accurate information to health consumers.

Useful Internet Link: The National Archives
Read important government documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, at this site
which also has interactive features and great images.

Useful Internet Link: UW Law School Consumer Rights Manual
*Recently published, and also available in Spanish, this manual discusses issues such as debt and credit cards, as well as other popular consumer services and transactions.

Useful Internet Link: Statistical Abstract
If you want numbers, start with the Statistical Abstract of the US. This source, produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, gives you everything from the divorce rate by state to airline cost indexes going back to 1980.

Useful Internet Link: How Stuff Works
Haven't you ever wondered how they get that Olympic torch to continue to burn while it is being carried by runners from one city to the next? Or how solar sails manage to propel a spacecraft? For answers, check out the appropriately-named How Stuff Works website.

Useful Internet Link: Residential Heating Oil Prices---What Consumers Should Know
As the weather starts turning colder, here is a useful consumer guide for information about heating prices, published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). There are several other publications on the EIA home page:

Useful Internet Link: Tips for Avoiding Internet Fraud
From the National Consumers League's Internet Fraud Watch comes these tips for being informed consumers on the Internet. Topics also included on this site are Telemarketing Fraud Tips and an Online Complaint Form. For additional Wisconsin Consumer Protection information, visit the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's website: