Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Internet Tips 22

Welcome to the next issue of "Internet Tips"! There are three sections to this post: a beginner's tip, an advanced tip, and a useful internet link. Enjoy!

Beginner's Tip: Those three little buttons
Those three little buttons on the upper right-hand corner of an open window are the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.
The "X" closes the window.
The "Box" maximizes the program, making it full screen. If it's already maximized, it looks like a box on top of another box. If you click it in that state, it will make your window smaller.
Finally, the little "_" is the minimize button. It reduces the current window to a Taskbar button. Clicking the button on the Taskbar restores the window to its former state.

Advanced Tip: Resizing Scrollbars
Want to change the size of the scrollbars so they're easier to use?
1. Right-click your desktop and select Properties
2. Select the Appearance tab .
3. The second drop down box should be labeled "item" select "Scrollbar"
4. You'll be able to increase or decrease the size of your scrollbars by using the little box to the right of the drop down box (it's labeled "size").

Thanks again to WorldStart for these tips!

Useful Internet Link: ResourceShelf
Information and news about new resources and documents.