Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Internet Tips 20

Welcome to the next issue of "Internet Tips"! There are three sections to this email: a beginner's tip, an advanced tip, and a useful internet link. Enjoy!

Beginner's Tip: Going Home
Here's a two-second tip that could save you lots of time. It seems like the "Print" or "Email" or whatever link you're looking for is always at the top of a long web page.Wanna get up to the top of the page in no time? Hit the <HOME> button on your keyboard!

Advanced Tip: CAPS LOCK
If you have accidentally typed a bunch of stuff all in caps, or if you inherited a document from someone who typed all the headings in all caps, and you want to change it, here's a quick way to do it:
1. Highlight the text that is in caps.
2. Hold down the key, and then hit
3. Keep hitting until the text looks the way you want it: It will toggle between ALL CAPS, First Letter Caps, and lowercase.

Or...if you prefer menus:
1. Highlight the text that is in caps.
2. From the "Format" menu, choose "Change case"
3. Check the case you would like, and then click "OK"

Tips courtesy South Central Library System Web Guru Stef Morrill.

Useful Internet Link: Learn the Net
You'll find all sorts of interesting things on learnthenet.com