Thursday, March 31, 2005

Resources On: TASERS & Stun Devices

UPDATE: The WI Dept of Justice has now issued its report on the use of Electronic Control Weapons. 6/8/2005

Here are several resources that have recently been released regarding TASERS and Stun Devices:

Madison Police Department reports on their policy regarding use of TASERS.
Read the Report

WI Dept of Justice has been scheduled public hearings on the issue of police use of TASERS and other devices. Look here for more information and to find out when the next public hearing will be held.

"The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies has completed a study on the safety and efficacy of stun devices. The report concludes that while increased medical testing should continue, and federal guidelines for manufacturers and end users should be put into place, when used appropriately, stun technology is relatively safe and clearly effective."
Read the Study
Read the Press Release