Friday, March 04, 2005

Gradual Digitization of Courtrooms

UPDATE 3/31: Read this post on Tom Mighell's Inter Alia blog about the use of wireless technology in court.

From last October's post on the ACSBlog: The Blog of the American Constitution Society:
"Over the past couple of decades, computer technology has progressed from being the playthings of geeks to the necessities of neophytes. Despite this rapid-fire growth, our judiciary system has remained somewhat sheltered from the effects of the digital age. Courts around the country -- and indeed, around the world -- are slowly incorporating the technology into courtroom proceedings." Read more ...

With Dane County's new courthouse set to open early next year, court participants and staff will see a change in how technology is incorporated into local court proceedings. The new courthouse will feature substantially new technology features that are not available in the current courtrooms.